We would especially thank all our customers for a further increase in our turnover of 79.31% in 2013 compared to 2012, particularly with new clients in Belgium, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, the Reunion Island, England...
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This approach which could be carried out in an on-site day allow a review of all procedures involved in sensory measurement...

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Academic Cooperation

ABT Informatique company operates through Bertrand Thuillier in a number of university courses on sensory analysis and formulation within:

  • Polytech Lille as Associate Professor in the academic modules dedicated to future engineers for the fourth year (IAAL4), and fifth year (IAAL5) in the form of lectures, practical work and projects to develop new products. Corporate projects are also monitored, for example, issues of product innovation or development of products destined for humanitarian emergencies. Lessons are also provided for university courses to prepare students for employment through Professional Licenses (Qualimapa) or lessons in the classical curriculum of the University of Lille 1 in Master 2. These lessons are mostly in the context of food.
  • the EBI (School of Industrial Biology), Bertrand Thuillier is teaching in the form of lectures and practices on the sensory analysis in this school as part of the module Sensory Quality. These lessons are developed in collaboration with Anne-Marie Pensé, and are mainly intended for the Cosmetic industry.
  • Other lesssons are also conducted in the context of the last year for the Diploma in Oenology from the University of Reims (URCA).
  • Also may be mentioned, more specific interventions in the St. Jerome University of Aix-Marseille, Toulouse or SUPAGRO in Dijon.