We would especially thank all our customers for a further increase in our turnover of 79.31% in 2013 compared to 2012, particularly with new clients in Belgium, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, the Reunion Island, England...
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This approach which could be carried out in an on-site day allow a review of all procedures involved in sensory measurement...

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RECIPE Training – First use

  • System Configuration (system, user information settings)
    • System Settings : models, versions, operations development
    • User settings : User access management, user screens
    • Settings information : nutrition, nutrition table, allergens, cost, information on ingredients.
  • Ingredient and recipe Creation
    • Ingredient and Recipe creation and properties.
  • Information Management (nutrition, cost, category, notes, ...)
    • Update of nutritional elements, allergens, cost, ...
    • Ingredient and recipe declaration.
  • Import Operations
    • Creation of data files, data definition files
    • Import Module parameters.
  • Information Management (queries, reports)
    • Queries and requests by the “listing” operation
    • Export of information in Excel©
    • Creation of specific documents in Word© or Excel© format documents.