We would especially thank all our customers for a further increase in our turnover of 79.31% in 2013 compared to 2012, particularly with new clients in Belgium, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, the Reunion Island, England...
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This approach which could be carried out in an on-site day allow a review of all procedures involved in sensory measurement...

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Recipe News

The latest French version is the current version n° This version has the latest translations in the French version. You can also use the complementary tools PDM and Designer by the fact of sharing the number of licenses purchased between Recipe and PDM.

Significant improvements have been made in Recipe the most important are the following ones:

  • Very deep improvements in the management of volumes,
  • Clustering output of documents in a specific function,
  • Possibility to import waste ingredient in a recipe,
  • Possibility to import descriptions,
  • The simultaneous comparison of different recipes,
  • Insertion of new icons for the models,
  • Many enhancements in the optimization operations,
  • Insertion of conditional operations (IF operator) in calculations of nutrients and allergens,
  • Establishment of specific units in the management of packagings and recipes
  • Easy transfer fields of classes and annotations from Recipe to PDM, and vice versa
  • Differential computation of certain levels of a recipe nutritional values,
  • New columns in the working window (% loss, overrun…) for the ingredients of a recipe…