We would especially thank all our customers for a further increase in our turnover of 79.31% in 2013 compared to 2012, particularly with new clients in Belgium, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, the Reunion Island, England...
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This approach which could be carried out in an on-site day allow a review of all procedures involved in sensory measurement...

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PDM & Designer
Download PDM & Designer Description

Both PDM and designer are tools to manage all informations related to the formulation ; they can implement a document and information management on products, suppliers, claims, still sample management ...


Designer is a tool to design questionnaires to specify which fields to enter by allowing the user to design the form of input screens, the format of fields (date, check, text, numbers, email address, picture ... ) filters capture, codification of matches ...
Once the questionnaires designed by the user or by ourselves, they will be used by PDM.

PDM (Product Data Manager) will manage the data collection and the collected information. The screens will indeed be available to various internal or external users to enter data. Specific rules of rights and confidentiality will of course allow only authorized persons to enter or view information in it. These screens can also be deported on the Hamilton Grant site so that third parties : subsidiaries, suppliers, customers can enter the requested informations. Information may be, for example, nutritional or allergenic characteristics on ingredients sold by a supplier.
Then, this information may be sent back to Recipe, but also transferred to other reports for use by other systems in other services. This information will of course also be searched by a powerful query tool for instance to know the origin of all samples as an ingredient used to manufacture such product.