We would especially thank all our customers for a further increase in our turnover of 79.31% in 2013 compared to 2012, particularly with new clients in Belgium, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, the Reunion Island, England...
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This approach which could be carried out in an on-site day allow a review of all procedures involved in sensory measurement...

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Recipe is an easy to use and very flexible software to manage all the information needed to develop a product, the creation of its formula, publication of technical specifications for its production.

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The products are formulated from raw materials, mixtures, premixes or affected packages that are simply dragged and dropped into the formulation. As and when these elements are added, the system automatically consolidates the features of ingredients, and displays the data in terms of:

 Recipe - Analyse Sensorielle   - Nutritional characteristics,
  - Allergens,
  - Managing loss and shrinkage,
  - Costs,
  - List of ingredients, tree,
  - Costs, Labeling Products, ...

A report generator allows the user to attend to obtain statements and facilitate any query of the database as the search for acceptable end products for special diets, no salt, no eggs, or Kosher ...

Functions optimization formulas can also assist formulators valuable by the availability of real-time information when designing forms on the price or fat content or vitamins, for example. The management of product labeling is an essential function with the ability to edit the list of ingredients in different languages (Western, Arab and Asian) or by the wording of the receiving client.

Data security is managed by the very fine features accessible by user and location data. The system can import information from different possible existing systems: Excel©, SAP©, mainframe, and can handle any kind of food products destined for humans or animals.