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This approach which could be carried out in an on-site day allow a review of all procedures involved in sensory measurement...

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Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis is involved in all phases of product development and product control, we may schematically display these contributions by using the following chart by identifying three components:
. Differentiation to control products with discrimination testing and compliance testing or certification
. Description to describe the characteristics of products, with all product profiles tests and expert textual descriptions
. Preference to determine consumer preferences, with all the product testing and market research.

Analyse Sensorielle

Tastel (Differentiation and Description) or Tastel + (Differentiation, Description and Preference) will provide tools to allow you to design questionnaires, data entry and processing your results.
Tastel+ can also bind sensory aspects with formulation and may be associated with our formulation management tool (Recipe).

Several configurations are available:
. The direct data entry offers all design features and treatment with assisted entry on a standalone PC.
. The scanner and E-mail data entry allows automatic reading of the paper questionnaires and now includes operations to collect data via Internet through Word Forms. These can be sent as attachments to allow deported data entry; collection of these filled up forms then allows automatic entry of information
. The network data entry provides access to all features on entry positions in the boxs (PC, ePC, touch pads, tablets) and therefore provides total control, with the possibility of such a follow-up training of panelists at sessions.